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Arabic Women Leading the Way in Social Networking

71% of Arabic women belong to a social networking site, a report released by the Arabic women’s portal has announced.

The study, which was conducted by YouGovSiraj in April this year, found that the platform was an established women’s space in the Middle East, with Facebook being the leading social network for Arabic women, with 91% using the network in Lebanon, followed by 80% in Egypt, 78% in the UAE. Syria was at the bottom of the list with 45% of women using Facebook.

Arab women are very engaged generally when it comes to the Internet, with 34% of those surveyed saying that they spent at least 10 hours per week online for non-work related reasons. Once again Lebanon is leading the way with 68% of those surveyed spending more than seven hours online weekly, and Oman was at the bottom of the list with 30%.

“There is no doubt the world is going digital and this results in major changes in our daily habits, from socializing to entertainment,” said Ricky Ghai, Executive Director of Digital Media at ADMC, according to
"This is especially true when it comes to modern Arab women, who have become more and more interested and involved in the digital space.”

By Dina Awadallah


** Originally published in September 2010 in the newsletter of Oban Multilingual, an expert in multilingual SEO and international SEM.


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